This page is deprecated. Please use our new platform and accompanying documentation.

Getting Help with DETER

Summary: take all of the details about your problem (project/experiment IDs, logs, error output, etc) and file a ticket in our Trac issue-tracking system.

If you are using DETERLab for your class do not file a ticket. Email your instructor or TA instead.


You must log into Trac using your DETERLab username and password.

What to do first if you are having trouble?

  • Read the FAQ page to see if your question has already been answered.
  • You can also search the documentation (see the search box at the top of the left sidebar) and trouble tickets on the Trac Search page.

If you still need help, create a Trac support ticket

Step 1: Collect the information we need to help you

Please include the following information in your ticket for best results:

  • Your DETERLab username
  • Your project name
  • Your experiment (if applicable)
    • Include a link in this format: [experiment:pid:eid] where pid is the project name and eid is the experiment name.
  • A description of the problem. Be as detailed as you can. The following are all helpful:
    • What you typed or clicked, what you expected to happen as a result, and what did happen
    • Any error messages or logs (verbatim errors are best)
    • Which nodes in your experiment are having a problem (if applicable)
  • If your problem is with an experiment, please leave a copy swapped in for us (disable idle swap)

Step 2: Create a new support ticket

  • Go to the new ticket page and log in again with your DETERLab username and password. Note: you will receive an Error:Forbidden message when you first click the link. This is expected (the ticket system currently requires a separate login).
  • Fill in all the details you gathered in the previous step as well as the following:
    • Summary: Use a brief description of the issue
    • Reporter: Use your DETERLab username (this should be pre-filled)
    • Message: This is where you include the project name and all of the other details you collected in the previous step.
    • Attachments: You may include screenshots and any other files (logs, etc) that could be useful to us in understanding your issue.

We are notified when new tickets are opened and respond to them quickly, often as soon as we receive them (during business hours, US Pacific time).

You may use the View Tickets button in the navigation bar to find any tickets you have created.

Tips for the fastest response

  • If you are reporting a support problem, do not email us. Instead, follow the instructions above for filing a support ticket.
  • If for some reason you must email us, DETERLab testbed operations may be reached at testbed-ops at
  • Response to this email is typically slower than response to a ticket.
  • Always send email to the testbed-ops address and not just an individual who responded to you. Then, if the individual is not available, someone will still be aware of your email.