These pages constitute the end-user documentation for DETERLab documentation.

What is DETERLab?

DETERLab is a state-of-the-art scientific computing facility for cyber-security researchers engaged in research, development, discovery, experimentation, and testing of innovative cyber-security technology. To date, DETERLab-based projects have included behavior analysis and defensive technologies including DDoS attacks, worm and botnet attacks, encryption, pattern detection, and intrusion-tolerant storage protocols.

  • Testbed - this is the web interface to DETERLab (requires registration)
  • Support - this website provides support for DETERLab using a ticketing system.


DETERLab docs are organized by the dominant systems (Core, Orchestrator and Containers) and then each system includes:

  • Quickstart - Gives a summary of the system and an overview of the steps involved to use it.
  • Guide - Provides details on the most common, basic ways to use the system. It serves as a basic tutorial and reference.
  • Reference - Includes references to configuration, commands and other reference materials
  • Ad hoc topics - More advanced topics for more complicated features of the system.