This page is updated to show the workflow with our new platform.

Education Materials Overview

DETERLab is dedicated to supporting cyber security education. Since its inception, DETERLab has been extensively used by classes all over the world. You can view up to date statistics on educational use of DETERLab here.

DETERLab offers excellent support for teaching. Instructors can:

  • Benefit from a large collection of publicly available teaching materials
  • Automatically create student accounts
  • Upload class materials
  • Assign homework/projects to students
  • Track student progress on assignments
  • Download assignments for grading
  • Help students directly with many issues, without involving DETERLab staff

Students benefit from using DETERLab, too. They develop practical skills in cybersecurity, networking, operating system administration, and coding. These skills make a big difference in job search!


Students will access education materials (e.g., homework assignments) on our old platform but complete their assignments on our new platform. Their usernames and passwords are the same on both platforms.