Guidelines for Students

  • Read DETERLab documentation under Running Experiments section
  • Read User DOs and DON'Ts.
  • Contact your TA or instructor first with DETERLab problems. They can help you with password reset, inability to log on, inability to swap in and many other problems. They will pass any they cannot solve to the Testbed Ops team. Do NOT contact Ops directly.
  • Pace yourself and do not leave work for the last day before the deadline. Many courses share the testbed, along with many researchers. There may not be enough resources for you if you ask for them at the last moment.
  • Promptly swap out experiments if you will not use them for at least an hour, but make sure to save your work.
  • Set the idle swap out period to 1 hour. While you should swap out manually whenever you are done with a chunk of work, this setting will catch the cases when you forget to do so.
  • If you cannot swap in due to lack of free machines, keep trying for a day. Our load goes down during nights and weekends. If you still have problems after a day contact your instructor or TA who will request help from testbed ops.