This page is updated to show the workflow with our new platform.

Class Support

Classes use DETERLab differently than researchers do. Both groups can use DETERLab's full range of tools and resources, but we limit the amount of accidental sharing students do and assign them accounts that we can reuse. In order to do that we need your help in keeping track of who is using DETERLab for your classes and broadly what resources you will be using. The details are below.

If you run into a problem when using DETERLab in your classes please let us know. If you come up with a better solution than the ones we described below we'd really like to hear about it!

Course Setup - What we need from you to set up a DETERLab course.

Course Wrap-Up - Actions to take at the end of your course

Course Hand-Off - How to have a different instructor re-use the same course at your institution

Managing Your Course - How add/remove students, unfreeze accounts, add assignments, etc.

Access Control - How we enforce students' individual work