This page is deprecated. Please use our new platform and accompanying documentation.

Create Experiment

You can use the web interface to create a new experiment.

  1. Log into DETERLab with your account credentials
  2. Click the Experimentation menu item, then click Begin an Experiment.
  3. Click Select Project and choose your project. Most people will be a member of just one project, and will not have a choice. If you are a member of multiple projects, be sure to select the correct project from the menu. In this example, we will refer to the project as YourProject.
  4. Leave the Group field set to Default Group unless otherwise instructed.
  5. Enter the Name field with an easily identifiable name for the experiment. The Name should be a single word (no spaces) identifier. If you are following our tutorial, use basic-experiment for the name.
  6. Enter the Description field with a brief description of the experiment. Any string will work here.
  7. In the Your NS File field, upload the basic.ns file you downloaded or any other NS file you created. You can also create the file on DETERLab by SSH-ing to and using a text editor like vi, vim, emacs, nano or pico. In that case you would specify the path to the file like /users/YourUsername/YourFilename.ns. The rest of the settings depend on the goals of your experiment. In our example, please set the Idle Swap field to 1 h and leave the rest of the settings for Swapping, Linktest Option, and BatchMode at their default.
  8. Click Submit.

After submission, DETERLab will begin processing your request. Since you did not check Swap In Immediately box, DETERLab will simply check sytax of your NS file and save some state in the database. You will receive an email and a pop-up notification when this has been done. The process usually takes a few seconds.